How to Prepare for CAT 2017 Exam?

The number of students appearing for CAT 2013 exam went to a record low compared to the past six years. Also during this period the number of seats per student to get into IIMs has surged a great deal. This increases the chances for CAT students to get into their most desired seat in any of the IIMs!

This article is a guide for CAT preparation 2017. It begins with the Pre-required Essentials before you start your CAT preparation 2017. Next you’ll get to know the important parameters to improve through your cat preparation. This is followed by the recommended CAT preparation books and 5 Important CAT preparation tips to remember.

How to prepare for cat 2017?
Taking into consideration that you have almost 9 months for your preparation of CAT 2017 which is a sufficient period, So the answer to the question of how to prepare for cat 2017 should start with ensuring that your pre-required essentials are in place before you start your CAT 2017 preparation.

Pre-required Essentials before you start preparation for cat 2017


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How to Study For IIT JEE 2017 Exam

After having decided that you want to appear for IIT JEE exam, the first question that comes up is “How to Study For IIT JEE 2017 Exam?” “How do I go about preparing for the exam?” “Where do I start?” “ Who do I consult?” Here are a few suggestions.

The kind of preparation that is required depends on the time that you have with you in writing the exam. (more…)

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7 Tips to crack IIT JEE Advanced 2017

Since the pressure is building up and the clock is ticking for JEE Advanced 2017, it’s very crucial that you know the exact planning you need to do for next remaining days:

  1. Establish a proper revision mechanism: It’s important that you revise almost everything you studied in the past two years. The revision should be effective. Devote a greater percentage of time for revision.  There are two aspects of any revision: Theory revision and practice solving At this point of time, you cannot indulge more into practice sessions, you need to understand and revise the concepts first. Mark your calendar with definite hours of  theory and problem solving considering at least 70% of your study hours for theory. (more…)

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5 Tips to crack BITSAT 2017

BITSAT is India’s one of the top engineering entrances being conducted by The Birla Institute of Technology and Science. The scores of BITSAT decide the admissions into three BITS Engineering Institutes in India. If you have prepared well for your boards, you should be quite familiar with NCERT.

BITSAT is very different from JEE when is comes to approaching individual problems. BITSAT directly focuses on your concepts from NCERT. Very few questions are out of some concepts not present in NCERT. (more…)

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How to Select Right Engineering Entrance Exam

Several state-level engineering exams are conducted throughout the year, for admission into some highly acclaimed engineering colleges. For cracking these engineering exams, you need to keep some points in your mind. If for whatever reason you are unable to succeed in your first choice exams like IIT JEE, BITSAT – do not let that dishearten you. You will get enough chances to excel in your career by studying in top state level engineering colleges as well. (more…)

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Balance Study Plan for JEE Main and Board Preparations

Balance Study Plan for JEE Main and Board Preparations

This is a problem which is generally faced by most of students appearing for JEE and other competitive exams and I believe the answer to this problem lies in some simple tips. Here is a balance study plan for JEE Mains and board preparation students.

1. Time Management – This is the most important thing to do if you are appearing for any engineering entrance exam like JEE Main, BITSAT, VITEEE, etc. First of all you should know which exams are you targeting with most sincere effort and how are you planning to achieve that. I have always used to write each day in morning on paper what I have to do in that day and how much time I should give for any particular topic. (more…)

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5 Most Important Preparation Tips for IIT JEE Thermodynamics Chemistry

5 Most Important Preparation Tips for IIT JEE Thermodynamics Chemistry

Thermodynamics is one of the most important topics in Physical Chemistry as part of the JEE chemistry syllabus. From the point of view of both JEE Mains and JEE Advance this topic is important and one should have mastery on it. For having proficiency in this topic you must have good command over theoretical knowledge as well as problems. A precondition for understanding this topic is the knowledge of gaseous state. So before completing gaseous state don’t move on to thermodynamics.

In thermodynamics, we deal with quantities like temperature, pressure, volume, internal energy, etc. These quantities, actually, describe the average behaviour of a large number of atoms/molecules or the pressure exerted by a few molecules. Thus, thermodynamics is concerned with macroscopic behaviour rather than microscopic behaviour of the system. (more…)

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How to Ace Chemistry for IIT JEE with Strategic preparation?

How to Ace IIT JEE Chemistry with Strategic Preparation?

Most students preparing for IIT JEE are afraid of Chemistry, one is due to the vast syllabus and otherwise, terming it as something involving only mugging. As a result, they end up in missing out this high scoring subject. The question that is ever present is How to Ace IIT JEE Chemistry with Strategic Preparation?

You can solve any numerical be it 1+1 or 1991*247549289, because you know the fundamental principle of counting. Chemistry is similar, people often don’t get that and try to just mug it, failing which they start hating the subject. Just imagine how it would be memorising all the additions and multiplications! and after all chemistry is a science, how can you expect it to be without logic?

A systematic study along with relating concepts to real life will help you to discover this fascinating field of science and assured numbers in JEE. (more…)

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7 Essential tricks to Score Above 750 in SAT Mathematics

7 Essential Tricks to Score Above 750 in SAT Mathematics

SAT or Scholastic Aptitude Test has 3 sections on Mathematics with a total of 54 questions. There are 2 types of questions, namely the multiple choice and the grid-in. Just knowing mathematical theory will not help you to get a good SAT score. You must follow a strategy to be to get a good score. So I would like to share 7 Essential Tricks to Score Above 750 in SAT Mathematics with you all.

Some of the important tricks you should keep in mind are:

  1. The questions of any particular type start from easy and move towards higher difficulty levels. So, the initial few questions of a section need to be answered faster so that one gets enough time to solve the difficult ones towards the end. Remember – do not think of spending equal time on each question
  2. (more…)

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