CAT 2013 Exam Review: What Can You Expect?

CAT 2013 Exam ReviewWhat Can You Expect in CAT 2013? is the question students are troubled with now. So, here is CAT 2013 Exam Review : Like every year, CAT, the most prestigious exam in India for an MBA aspirant, didn’t give any surprise. The language is straight forward, but requires good skills of interpretation and application. All varieties of concept were introduced in the paper. Strategy to bell the CAT is straight forward, “KILL THE WEAKEST FIRST”

Now, let’s review individual sections:

Section 1: Quantitative Aptitude and Data Interpretation

DI was on the easy side and out of three sets, two sets of 3 questions each can be solved easily. The things that were required during that period were focus and speed (for calculation) and there is no need for interpretation in this.Keep in mind, don’t compromise with accuracy here – because when questions need less interpretation, accuracy becomes the differentiator.

In 20 questions of quant, all types of questions (sitters, breakers and mountains) were there. 2-3 Sitters and 3-4 breakers were present but you need to have patience to search for those questions. So why am I suggesting you to search these questions?

The answer is that it will help you cross the initial threshold level by solving 13-14 questions (including DI) in this section in the beginning only. Then you can attempt the rest of the questions, without any pressure, at a higher efficiency. While solving the rest, make sure you are not solving any mountains because you need to take care for time too. CAT doesn’t check only subject knowledge, but it also checks managerial skills. So solving net 18-19 questions would lead you to achieve a good score in this section.

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Section 2: Verbal Ability and Quantitative Aptitude :

CAT like every year gave three sets of Reading Comprehension, having both factual as well as inferential questions. Questions from Para Jumbles, Incorrect Use of Words, and Paragraph Completion were there too. My advice for this section is that try to be less aggressive in attempting verbal, because it generally results in to negative marking.

Logical reasoning like always was from easy to medium on difficulty level, where all sets are doable but patience is required while solving them. Net 20 questions will help you to achieve a good score in this section.
Overall, 40-42 questions with 95 percent accuracy will lead you towards the good score.
All The Best!

- by Dhruv Goel - MBA Class of 2012, IMT Ghaziabad

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