Reference Books For JEE Preparation

Reference Books for Effective IIT JEE Main Preparation 2017 – 2018


A lot of students and their parents wonder which are the best books for IIT JEE preparation. Some of our experienced faculty, who are also IIT students and alumni, have listed in this post important reference books that are essential for an effective 2017 – 2018 JEE preparation.

JEE Chemistry:

1. NCERT Chemistry 11th and 12th class: The NCERT chemistry books are quite exhaustive in the content aspect. The intext and exercise problems are on a very basic level and cover each and every part of the chapter thoroughly. Use these books to develop sound fundamentals first, and then move on to more advanced level problems from other books and material.

2. Numerical Chemistry by P. Bahadur (Objective book): It’s one of the most highly recommended books for physical chemistry for any engineering entrance exam. The set of problems in the book are very exhaustive. The problems available are from state level engineering entrance exams to JEE for each chapter in the book. Problems for state level engineering entrance exams like MHCET, EAMCET, WB JEE, RJPET and other exam conducted by individual institutes like BITSAT, VITEEE, Manipal engineering entrance exam are also covered in this book.

3. Arihant Organic Chemistry Objective (Optional): NCERT theory is sufficient for organic and Inorganic but to undergo extra practice, students can refer to Arihant publication books which are re-published each year based on the current pattern of JEE.
Few other books that you can use to pickup some quality problems – O.P Tandon and Arihant Problem Collection Objective for IIT JEE

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JEE Physics:

1. NCERT Physics 11th and 12th class: Physics NCERT textbook have been written marvellously well for Physics. The technical language is the first barrier you will face with these books, but it will only prepare you well for JEE. In JEE the first barrier is the language barrier, i.e you need to first comprehend what the problem states.

2. H.C.Verma: It was written by a Prof. from IIT-Kanpur in the early 90’s. It’s the only book till now which has explained all the concepts precisely with a very exhaustive set of problems. The problems of this book provokes analytical reasoning and helps develop strategy to apply concepts in every possible way. As you move ahead in the exercise the problems keeps on becoming challenging, till you reach the last two problems in the chapter which can only be solved if you have understood the chapter well.

3. Resnick, Halliday & Walker (Optional): This book is referred as additional reading material to further understand the theory of each chapter. Each and every concept is explained to the finest detail with multiple examples for each concept. The examples taken are more close to real life phenomena we observe.
Few other books that you can use to pickup some quality problems – I.E Irodov and Concepts of Physics by G.C. Agarwal


JEE Mathematics:

1. NCERT Maths 11th and 12th: The problems in the book are basic and easy. Most of the problems can be solved orally by the student. This book should be covered very early in one’s preparation.

2. A. Das Gupta Objective: It’s a practice book for each chapter, and a good indicator of your understanding of each chapter. ‘Practice makes perfect’ and this is the motto of this book.

3. S.L. Loney for Trigonometry and Coordinate Geometry: The author has written the book in a very exhaustive manner, in-fact even PhD students use these books. For ideal preparation it’s always preferred to have a mentor to guide the student on which part of the book is solved and which part can be left out.

4. G.N. Berman: This book is specifically used for Calculus, and on every concept in every chapter a number of different problems are available. Don’t use this book beyond Calculus as it contains higher level mathematics, which is not at all needed for JEE.
Few other books that you can use to pickup some quality problems – I.A Maron and A Das Gupta Subjective.


Your preparation for the IIT JEE is nothing less than a war where you are fighting with thousand other contenders for one single seat.

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Nisharg Golash

I have been teaching for 6+ years now. Preparing students for IIT-JEE, AIEEE and BITSAT has been my passion, as I cleared IIT-JEE in 2008. Many of my students from Gupta Tutorials in Indore are in various IIT's and NIT's. With me the most important factor is learning the CRUX of the subject or the topic, my aim is to teach you the concept so that problems can be tackled by you. Obviously few examples will be discussed with me during the class to explain you but each class will have some amount of homework. Be regular and stick to your schedule is my Funda to do things perfectly. I have recently published few International Research papers in the field of chemistry. I have worked with Chemical Consultancies like Newreka to assist them in a few projects in Pharmaceutical Industries. Currently working in NESTLE India Ltd.

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269 thoughts on “Reference Books for Effective IIT JEE Main Preparation 2017 – 2018

    1. SL Arora is very cohesive and great for basics and good enough for scoring well in CBSE exams (better substiture for NCERT)but for IIT I think HC Verma or Haliday must be referred to.

    2. HI Subhadeeo

      Try to use other books like H C VERMA for solving numericals and Resnick Halliday Walker to read theory to reach upto IIT Level. S L Arora can be used to get good marks in your CBSE Board Exams.

      Best Wishes

  1. I agree with your list. It is practical, and in my opinions includes all good and important books. I gave my JEE this year.

    1. JEE and JEE advance are so different and yet too much different, Target JEE advance and prepare accordingly. Because JEE Mains is AIEEE, you can understand the pattern in last 2-3 weeks. JEE advance will be more conceptual and comprehensive in nature.
      Use the above recommended books for your preparations. If their is any particular need then you can have a word with me.

      Best Wishes

    1. I’ll say that will depend on you, HC Verma is good for basics and concept building. Though very advance level problem are missing in it. But DC Pandey has both basic as well advance level problem.
      A core JEE aspirant should use HC Verma first and later try to solve DC Pandey in the reverse order (from last exercise to first)

      Best Wishes

  2. Please advice me which book is good for understanding Chapter Alternating Current for JEE advanced and capacitance also.
    and practicing questions on chapters also.

  3. Are foreign author books really recommendable? Coz they haven’t prepared anyone for JEE, isn’t the language sophisticated?
    Anyways, I am using RC Mukerjee for Physical Chem. , and DC Pandey and HCV for Physics and SK Goyal for Maths..
    Is it exhaustive enough to get me through? Or you also recommend some others?

    1. Foreign Author books are good to understand the theory, JEE is not just an exam with fixed pattern. Its more conceptual in nature. So at this point try to focus on concepts. The books you are using are good and sufficient for a good IIT JEE preparations.

  4. is rd sharma better or a das gupta objective better? for iit preparations ………
    i dont go to anyy coaching classes so i need one good book for mathematics

  5. Do you think the importance of IITs is still relevant today when IITs have increased ? Moreover should one prepare from class IX onwards or XI onwards?Pls comment.

    1. Yes, IIT’s are important even if there number has increased. The reason is not the brand name but the opportunities you get there. You are trained with the great minds of India and by the great minds. This is important to develop your thought process and help to have a successful career ahead.

    2. If you are a workaholic student then join from 11th if you re not too serious then join from 9th because u ll know the pattern to do and complete studies

      Source- Personal Experience

  6. i am in clss 11th…sggst mee some good books of maths and physics..for jee prepration..
    Em using TMH for maths and HCV for physics..plss sggst some more good books

    1. The books you are using are sufficient, still you can use Resnick Halliday Walker, G.C Agarwal and Arihant physics for IIT additionally.
      For mathematics you can use A Das Gupta Objective, Arihant Maths for IIT JEE, S.L Loney for further practice.

  7. sir i wanna study for iit.. physics however does not work out for me that well.. please suggest some books so that i can prepare for physics.. Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday and Rensick is better or its iit edition?? i m presently studying in class 11th.. thank you!!

  8. sggst me the two best book for physics..other than halliday and irodov coz my teachers says..solving irodov nd all is really not usefull..coz they contain high level problems than IIT

  9. thnx a lot..for ur million dollar sggstns…plss..sgsst few very good boooks for physical and organic chemistry…

    1. for organic i suggest you to use ORGANIC CHEMISTRY BY HIMANSHU PANDEY its a great practice book… its too juch isolated kinda off book but yeah its great in terms of quetions.. i am student of Himanshu pandey sir.. personally… he is the best teacher for organic anyone could ever have..

  10. Hello im in class 11th i want to start my jee preparations……
    i have TMH for maths , physics and chem
    HC Verma for phy
    is those books are enough to score …………..

  11. Sir, should i use GN berman or thomas n finney for basics n concept building in calculus? Will it help me for jee adv? Or sgst me anothr book!

  12. i am bit strong on physics and chemistry but my maths is poor i have took drop for jee preparation.. can you suggest me some book for maths with easy concept and good quetion.. i tried solving TMH (i understood the concepts but the question ran over through my head) please help….. i have heard name of such books:OBJECTIVE MATHEMATHICS BY RD SHARMA,ML KHANNA….

  13. I am in Xth and will be giving board exams next year March. I have completed the mathematics syllabus for iit jee (except calculus) and I have completed many chapters of chemistry and physics. However I need one (and only one ) good book for organic chemistry. Please suggest.

  14. I Am Preparing For Jee 2015 And Im In 11th Pls Suggest Me Good Books For Physics Chemistry And Maths
    Books I Own Till Now:
    JD LEE
    And Please Also Give Me A Stratergy To Solve Books On Each Subject (Like Which Book To Start First,How Many Books Etc…..)
    Tanx In Advance!!

    1. Hi
      Please don’t use Irodov or RD Sharma. Also, I’ll say solve NCERT first nd you can start with any book of your choice, just make sure when you start a topic from any of the book don’t leave it in between to start it from other book. Complete it, get your doubts clear and then after few months do the same chapter from a different book.

      Best wishes

    1. Hi Varun
      To master mathematics I’ll suggest you have doubt clearing session with some good teacher, as how to go about a problem can’t be learn quickly by books alone. Also you can refer M L Khanna subjective the old edition as it has all the solutions step wise and it will help you to get an idea.

      Best wishes
      Nisharg Golash

  15. Sir, presently I am in Grade Xth and i a have competed my NCERT course and i am keen in cracking IIT,so can you please help me with books I should start with..Like which books would be best..Thanxx in advance..

    1. Hi
      Its too early to start with IIT preparations. But its good that you are clear about your future and aspirations. You can refer M L Khanna subjective the old edition, and start with straight lines. After straight lines try to learn trigonometry from it. These 2 chapters are very important and time consuming. So invest as much time as you can.

      Best wishes
      Nisharg Golash

  16. I am student of class 11 preparing for JEE kindly suggest me some good books for maths(for concepts only).. i have lots of material to practice but i need the theory. Is KC Sinha better or something else?? pls reply

    1. Hi
      At this point K C Sinha is a good book, you can use M L Khanna for theory or Amit Mishra’s IIT books. Still my personal suggestion will be to get a good teacher who can give you concise notes in each topic.

      Best wishes
      Nisharg Golash

  17. i am in 11th standard , i have sl arora,hc verma and coaching module in physics
    chemistry-comprehensive,universal self scorer ,coaching module
    maths-rd sharma ,sk goyal for algebra and co-ordinate geometry and amit m agrawal for trigonometry ,coaching module
    does i require any other book . plz tell me

  18. Sir i want to enquire that, Is IIT maths by ML khanna & objective maths by ML khanna a same book???
    If no than which to be followed…..?
    similarly IIT chemisty & objective chem. by OP agrawal are same???

      1. hey actually i m in 12th standerd i didnt join classes for iit jee preparation i have joined normal coaching classes IS this possible to prepare for iit jee and advanced and bord from now. I am ready to take any efforts m ready to study for 12 hours a day. is this possible to prepare for iit advanced without coaching classes plz tell me and plz man dont lie to encourage me tell me the truth plz plz plzzzz

        1. Hi Nitish

          Everything is possible and if you really believe in it then surely its gonna happen.
          Its just a suggestion that you take guidance from your seniors or other teachers, anyways in the end even the best teacher can not make you Clear IIT if you don’t work hard enough. So, trust yourself and prepare well.
          Taking Guidance is not a bad option. Also, if you stick to self study then ready the chapter carefully atleast twice and write the concepts separately. Also, keep a proper revision schedule to revise each topic you have studied.

          Best Wishes

  19. you say DC Pandey is a good book. But there are so many books by DC Pandey. Which one should i buy? I already have the 34 year IITJEE ques. book by him. But it has limited ques. for practice.. i would like to practice more. So which DC Pandey book should i take.pls guide..

    1. Hi Alisha

      Please buy the version which has key concepts and problems in it. Please do not by any objective book or IIT previous year papers chapterwise. If you are still confused then let me know I’ll help you with the links and then you can check the name and buy accordingly.

      Best Wishes

      1. well from what i know. he has a different books for mechanics, thermodynamics, optics. no book with all chapters. this would practically drain me of my money!! i dont want soooo many books. maybe 1 or 2.
        Also wat is wrong with buying objective ques. book. that wud giv more practice.. right???

        1. The issue with the problem books is that you will learn how to solve those problems types mentioned in those books. But you will not learn how to apply the concept in different situations which is more crucial in IIT JEE

          Also, you can buy G. C Agarwal Vol1 and Vol2 which is a complied book for key concepts and problems. It has 40-50 solved problems and then about 150 unsolved problems on each chapter which will help u a lot.

          Best Wishes
          NIsharg G

  20. sir, plz suggest me a good book for inorganic chemistry theory and problems. should i go with op tandon??i only have few study materials for practise ri8 now.

  21. sir,
    i understand all the concepts in class, practice some problems, (although i think i should practice more) etc, but i make a lot of mistakes. especially in tests, for chemistry, i find it hard to mug up reactions and end up making silly mistakes. what can i do to prevent such a scenario in the future?

    1. Hi

      You are on the right track, just wait for some time. You are currently preparing yourself. Don’t have a mind set that as soon as you’ll learn things you will be able to master it. Mastering takes some more time. Be patient and keep doing your hardwork.

      One piece of advice, analyse your test papers after giving the test and once when you get it score. This help you a lot, to reduce your recurring mistakes. Also, it will help you to identify silly mistakes that you are doing.

      If there are few specific things you want to talk about please let me know more.

      Best wishes
      Nisharg G

    1. Hi Radhul

      After NCERT you can try these books.

      A. Das Gupta Objective: It’s a practice book for each chapter, and a good indicator of your understanding of each chapter. ‘Practice makes perfect’ and this is the motto of this book.

      S.L. Loney for Trigonometry and Coordinate Geometry: The author has written the book in a very exhaustive manner, in-fact even PhD students use these books. For ideal preparation it’s always preferred to have a mentor to guide the student on which part of the book is solved and which part can be left out.

      G.N. Berman: This book is specifically used for Calculus, and on every concept in every chapter a number of different problems are available. Don’t use this book beyond Calculus as it contains higher level mathematics, which is not at all needed for JEE.

  22. Sir plzz help me out … I m preparing for iit jee 2015 .. I have joined fiitjee … But later i found difficulties in my studies with fiitjee …. So i joined 3 parallel tutions … I guess this saved me…. Though i m getting good scores in fiitjee tests … But i like the 3 tutions more….i m in big trouble now … The things a mashed up now … Sir plzz help me

    1. Hi

      I’ll not be able to give you the right advice before knowing exactly what you have covered in which coaching and to which level. Please ask the spanedea team to arrange an online meeting or a conference with me.

      Best Wishes
      Nisharg G

  23. Hello Sir,
    I am in class 9th now and want to go into Non-Medical stream for engineering and give the IIT JEE Exam after XII.
    Currently, I have a little knowledge about this and I am waiting eagerly to start preparation.
    Well, Currently in my school, (This time was my first Board Exam in September) I can easily score from 83 to 86 %. But looking at news everywhere, I am getting very scary becuase there’s written that even the students who are getting 97-98 in XII and 96-97’s in JEE MAIN are getting a rank of about 13 to 15000 !!! What should I do now ??? I know that I will have to do very hard work for this. Looking at this news, I have extended my cut-off ranking to 1000 only. I want to come under 1000.
    I trying very hard for achievements.
    Can some one give some advice to me what should I focus on for now and what preparation can I do for that exam because seeing the syllabus : , I can see that there’s some of the easy stuff out there which I am studying now.
    Well, Currently, I am almost ready for my 9th final exams (SA2-2014 [CBSE]) in Maths and Science. I am focusing for the Social Science, English and Hindi through concentration in school. Well, I am also worried about the Upcoming CBSE-PSA on JAN/18th/2014.
    Can someone please suggest me some books about these preparations and need advice also ???
    Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Hi

      I think media has created a fear in your mind. IIT is not tough at all if you follow one simple rule and that is to be REGULAR in your studies. Please do not fear it, its a very concept based logical exam. Definitely to be regular you have to work hard enough but do not get scared of it. Use M.L Khanna for now and start studying Trigonometry and Co-ordinate Geometry from it. Aim to finish these two topics by 10th class end. Use the old edition of the book which has subjective problems and there stepwise solution in it as you will be learning by your own.
      Do not worry about much of other subject and enjoy your life.. If you’ll do this much in next one year, you will be able to achieve top 100 rank for sure.

      Best Wishes
      Nisharg G

  24. Hello sir, I am currently studying in 11th class and.started my iit jee preparation this year I use the books who h you named above I even practise regularly but I can’t score well in my fiitjee phase tests… I have thought over it and still can’t rectify the problem I have can you help me out

    1. Hi

      Do not worry about marks. You have just seen the drastic change in your understanding and it will take atleast 6-7 months more before you start getting a good score. You are currently in the preparatory phase of life and it will take some amount of time to master it. Just don’t loose hope and keep going.
      Also, just analysis your mistakes that you are doing, it may possible you are making same mistake again and again. So rectify it.
      Best wishes
      Nisharg G

      1. Hello sir, this time I worked even harder for round 2 but again I didn’t score well I don’t know what to do can you please help me sir? I hope you give me a solution sir… I have been studying really hard but am not getting the desired results :(

  25. sir ,i have passed my 12th exams this year..i scored 92 in maths,95 in chemistry and 80 in physics..i appeared for jee this year after doing only 1 year foundation course from varanasi’s best institution which produces city topper every year but i failed to crack even jee mains..this year i hav not joined any coaching institute..for physics i am considering hcv and resnick halliday, maths-tmh+ncert, chemistry-ncert+morrison boyd..please guide me..

    1. Hi

      The books you are using are much more then sufficient to Crack IIT, but now it depends on your approach and your learning. How you are planning to cover your portion and appear for the test. Please give me a brief outline of how much syllabus you have covered and what you are planning so that I can give you the correct advice.

      Best Wishes
      Nisharg G

      1. sir 1st of all thnx for phy i hav compltd whole mechanics+electrostats+geo chem-coordination compound+d &f block+grp15+general organic chem..i hav also compltd some physicl chem topics like thermo,states of matter,electrochemistry &chem kinetics bt i m not satisfied..sir with maths i m havng lots of troubles..i hav only clrd progression,limits and plan is to complt whole cours till jan chem i hav a plan to complt organic & inorganic till dec then to focus on physicl chem whole jan..sir is my plan appropriate to crack jee..pls guide me wich topics r imp in maths..i m bad at conic& ther any book to cut down or on to wich i must focs more..??pls help me..

    1. Hi

      First thing is what you consider is your basics? Also, the books I have mentioned above for PCM are sufficient to built concepts for any students. Please try to follow that. If there are problems related to a particular chapter or a concept then please mention it, I’ll help you with the source where you can read and understand it.

      Best Wishes
      NIsharg G

  26. Does organic chemistry by himanshu pandey include solution to each and very question within the book? Is is a good book for organic?

  27. sir i have dropped my college in oct. as i was nt satisfiied wit it. now i have very Little time for jee preparation plz guide me on for physics , chemistry and specially in mathematics.

    1. Hi

      At this point of time try to finish your whole syllabus by November end. And make a revision plan for December and start giving couple of test papers each day, irrespective of the fact that you think you are not ready to give a test, It will give a better insight how you should modify your plan to get to the target. And discuss your doubts with teachers and friends, please do not delay it any further now.

      Best Wishes
      Nisharg G

  28. sir,i am a student of class 11 have a dream of crack iit. i dont want to go any coaching institute. currently an i reading ncert all, comprehensive physics, chemistry,rc mukherjee chem numerical& arhiants objective physics by dc pandey. are those sufficient ?

    1. Sir,
      I’m a State Board student(11th).Do I have any scope to compete with CBSE students as JEE is open for all?.NCERT books are very important and i’ll buy it but Sir, as you have mentioned above a number of books do I have to refer each one of them or only one?
      Its my wish that you will satisfy my queries.
      Thank You.

  29. Sir,
    I am a State Board Student(11th).Sir,I want to ask you that will I’ll be able to compete with other board like CBSE?,because entrance for jee is open for all and people say that CBSE students are more practical and conceptual than SSC students.I know NCERT books are very important and I’ll buy them but as you’ve mentioned above a number of books,Will I have to refer one book or these many of them?
    Sir, I wish that you will satisfy my queries.

    1. Hi Rajiv

      Please do not consider yourself any less than CBSE students. IIT JEE is all about understanding the very crux of the problem and solving them conceptually. You can start with NCERT as of now, later once you have studied 5-6 chapter you can take a call which book you want to buy.

      Best wishes
      Nisharg G

    1. Hi Akash

      H C Verma is a standard book & complete in itself to learn concepts. Though to practice more and more problems you will be needing other sources as well. For now you can stick to HC Verma only.

      Best wishes
      Nisharg G

  30. Hello, Sir
    I want to opt for Non-Medical in future after 10th.
    I am currently in 9th and scoring 85 to 90% Marks.
    But I want to score 10 CGPA in 10th. How should I prepare ? What to do next ?
    Any one Please help..

  31. Sir pls. help i have wasted my two years but now i’m serious I have planned to study concepts from NCERT and practise problems from books like HC Verma,OP Tandon,TMH Maths will this help.

  32. Thank you very much for your post. I live out side india and your post really helped me to find good books for my son. I purchased HC Verma for physics (volumes 1 and 2) and A Das Gupta for mathes. I am confused which book to buy for chemistry as I am seeing different names with same author. Also to buy online most of the Bhadur books are out of stock on flipkart website. Can you send me some links for chemistry covering both concept and problems.


    1. Hi,

      If its difficult to get hands on P bhadhur then second choice is RC Mukherjee. I’ll suggest try to get an ebook of P bhadhur and start practising from it. As in General for chemistry all 3 sections needs different books. So start by physical as its most logical section and time consuming. Keep others for later as of yet. Once you finish Physical get in touch once again I’ll help you out how to deal with other 2 sections.

      Best Wishes
      NIsharg G

  33. Dear Sir/Madam,

    My son is planning to write IIT JEE (2nd Time), and he is not going to any spl coaching classes. Kindly advise us which authors book can study for getting good mark. He got 96.5 cutoff in Tamil Nadu +2 Exam.

    PN : At the time (2013) of applying JEE-Main I had selected the wrong category because of that he unable to go IIT Advanced after scoring eligible mark.

    1. Hi,
      Please use the above mentioned book and also ask him to finish the complete sly by August end once and then start solving 2 papers every week with revision of chapters. Exam temperament is one of keys for Droppers in IIT.

      Best Wishes
      NIsharg G

    1. Hi Fitza,

      If your focus is IIT JEE Mains then you can continue with Universal. keep your focus on solving the book completely as practice as many papers as possible.

      Best wishes
      Nisharg G

    1. Hi Aman

      If you can get Arihant Objective for PCM it will be good, solve them completely and keep the target of solving couple of chapters each day this will help you to increase your speed during solving papers as well.

      Best wishes
      Nisharg G

    2. sir, i have given the 10th board exams and have 2 months break . sir i have completed whole mechanics in physics , and many chapters in chemistry and mathematics but many teachers tell me not to study extra things in lower classes and thatswhy i am very confused please give me some right suggestion wheather i should continue up or leave it to study in std11 and should i use dc pandey or ie irodovo after hc verma in physics

  34. I have just entered class 12 and am starting jee preparations.I find calculus difficult. Is G Tewani good for calculus.pls suggest some other books

  35. I am a PCMB student of cbse board and want to crack both NEET and JEE mains.I am finding calculus difficult. Which book would help me right from the most basic to most advanced stuff? pls suggest

    1. Hi Amol,
      Use M.L khanna to learn each and every type of calculus problem. Check all the examples and exercise with answers to understand the concepts clearly.

      Best Wishes
      Nisharg G

  36. Hello sir,
    I’m Nivethaa from Chennai. Now I’m in 12th class. Also I’m a student of FIITJEE.I’m soooo……… scared about IIT JEE exam. I try my level best to get good marks in FIITJEE’s phase, midphase tests.But I’m failing to get.But now, my school also pressurizing to get very good marks in 12th board exam. How to get good results in FIITJEE exam? pls suggest me some ideas.I hope u’ll help me.

    1. Hi Nivethaa,
      Don’t worry much about your boards right now. Focus only on two things, firstly your IIT JEE preparations and then the experiments in physics and chemistry you perform in school.
      You will have sufficient amount of time to work on board exam just a week before it in Feb’2015. Till Jan’2015 only focus on your JEE preparations and work hard on it.
      If there are more queries please let me know.

      Best wishes
      Nisharg G

      1. Hello sir…..
        I’m happy that u considered my comment.Thank you soooo much for that. But, In my school they say that for physics, board exam will be tough.They asked us to solve 115 previous year question papers. But, if I start my preparation for board in Feb then it creates a lot of problems.What should i do?…..

  37. Dear Sir,

    My son will join 11th this year. His marks are in the range of 70 to 85% in various exams( PCM) till now. ( slacker, but can be pushed).

    So he is above average, but not the cream. He is finding time management difficult.

    How do I know if he is capable of studying in I IT?

    I am NOT asking if he is capable to crack JEE. With an integrated coaching he may crack it.

    My worry is if he is capable (has the caliber)to study in I I T?

    Do you have any data on success rate within I I T w r to academic grade in 11th and 12th?



    1. Hi,
      As far as studies in IIT’s are concerned its all about his interest in the branch he’ll take. Any student who is getting 65-70% in Maths and Science till 10th is capable of performing well in his engg. Therefore, at this point I’ll not suggest you to worry about his engg career, it will be great if he works above avg there as well.

      As for Time management right now in 11th and 12th is something which is the weak area for every IIT aspirant. I’ll suggest every student to have a GAME PLAN for these 22 months. You should be very clear what you are going to do even after 8 months from now on a particular day. So make a schedule for it and follow it. Secondly, please do not worry about his marks in school examination as he can score well in boards if he starts focusing on board pattern after 20th Feb of the year he’ll appear. Focus only on IIT right now leaving everything behind it. Third thing, please ask him to do experiments seriously in school labs as it will help him a lot to understand the core concepts he’ll be learning theoretically.

      Best Wishes
      NIsharg G

  38. hellow i had just ciaer the 10 boards and start prepare for IIT JEE.I am confused. should i study with NCERT or my marharastra boards which i will take for 11 and 12.are NCERT books better than maharastra board books. ihave also buy NCERT books.Should i study them or study my maharastra board books .PLEASE HELP ME

    1. Hi,
      Please start with NCERT and finish them in next 8-10 months. Then start solving your maharashtra board books, you’ll find them very easy and it will hardly take a week to solve the whole textbook once you are thoroughly done with NCERT except on couple of chapters which are not their in NCERT book.

      Best Wishes
      NIsharg G

  39. i am just started preparation for RMO and other OLYMPIADS.I AM REFERING challenges and thrill of pre cllege mathematics and arihant RMO i need to solve other books for maths for iit jee other than rao iit coaching books ? are OLYMPIAD books helpfull for IIT JEE? or shold i refer other books?and I also have HALLIDAY RESNICK WALLER and HC VERMA.CAN I GO FOR halliday resnick waller insted of hc verma? i starts organic with paula yurkanis bruics and SHIVER AND ATTKINS for inorganic.are they good for jee?

  40. Hi,
    The more you practice the better your odds are to CRACK IIT. Its not about how many books you have done for one chapter but about how many chapters you have done from each book. Take one book which you like and complete all the chapters from it quickly and move to next one.
    Every book will help you to develop few concepts. Even Olympiad books as well are good. If you have the time then you must solve them,

    Best Wishes
    NIsharg G

  41. can i go for HALLIDAY RESNICK WALLER instead of H.C.VERMA.PUALA URAKIN BRUICE is good for iit jee organic book?can i rerly on RAO IIT ACADEMY material for jee?I want flying result in OLYMPIAD.Are olympiad books are helpful for jee?

    1. Hi Saurabh,

      Sure you can go ahead with Resnick Hallidey. I’ll say ya the material you are referring is good but please only don’t rely on it. Refer the books specially NCERT to crack JEE.

      Best wishes
      Nisharg G

  42. I m presently studding in class 11…. i want to prepare for IIT-JEE 16 …
    and I m a good student who can understand the concepts very fast…my only prob. is I m not Hard Working….
    My doubts are:
    -> are tuition beneficial
    -> Can u plz suggest me with two best books for eack subject for IIT JEE….as i don’t want to go for more than 2 books for each sub.
    -> RD SHARMA or TATA McGraw Hill
    ->Do i have to go for SL LONEY or ML KHANNA
    -> I E IRODOV or DC PANDEY or Resnick Halliday (other than HC VERMA)
    -> I have a book where selected parts of JD LEE, Solomer are merged…other than this can u suggest one more book
    ->why is NCERT preferred in Chem …its a very basic level

    1. Hi Rishabh,
      As you said you are not such a hardworking student over which you are a quick learner. For you personalized course is the best fit where you discuss only doubts and selective concepts.
      My pick will be:
      Tata McGrawHill
      SL Loney
      Resnick Halliday Walker

      Also, I have no idea which book you are talking where concepts from JD Lee extra are merged, please tell me the name so that I can give my inputs on it.

      As, NCERT Chemistry is to the point. Though its always best to refer class notes in chemistry specially due to it’s vast scope on conceptual level.

      Best wishes
      Nisharg G

  43. Hello…..
    I have just entered in class 11 and i am preparing for jee.
    I am confused about the book that i should buy for physics.
    Is it Hc Verma or any other.
    Plz. suggest.

      Besides it use math books of Board
      Care on,
      Some of above books contains higher problem like irodove only read the books in care of jee syllabus.solving very tough problem does not give any benifit in favour of jee exam.

  44. Sir,
    there are any online digital library that provides Deep & special knowledge of all topics of jee main and advance syllabus

  45. sir i passed my 12th in 2014 itself im from ANDHRAPRADESH BOARD got 84.3% in my ap board. i got verry less in jee main 2014 . thinking to write jeemain again next year in 2015 plz help me which books to prefer ..

  46. sir i passed my 12th in 2014 itself im from ANDHRAPRADESH BOARD got 84.3% in my ap board. i got verry less in jee main 2014 . thinking to write jeemain again next year in 2015 plz help me which books to prefer …i dnt go to coaching and tutions i need the best book which has concepts and poroblems.

    1. Hi Lavanya,
      If you can complete the above mentioned books and solve them completely you will surely be able to do great in IIT JEE. But as a piece of advice books alone are not enough for IIT JEE preparations, please take guidance of suitable teachers as well. As they are a lot more experience than you in the field and will help you understanding each and every thing in a easier manner. Do practice a lot and work hard.

      Best Wishes
      Nisharg G

    1. Hi Aayush,
      Please don’t use universal. Such books will not help you a lot in your IIT JEE preparations. Instead you can go for Tata Mcgraw Hill objective books.

      Best wishes
      Nisharg G

  47. Hello. I’ll be attempting IIT second time ,next year. I’ve scored well in MAINS and 95.6% in 12th CBSE, but my strategy for advanced was wrong and was further hampered by indulging in too many books based on suggestions from all kinds of people. Please suggest a perfect book to hone my skills in Organic, Inorganic chem and Calculus part in Maths.(mainly problem solving). Please also suggest the strategy i should follow in next 1 year to optimise my performance in Advanced . I’ll be joining vibrant classes in Kota.

    1. Hi Anshuman,
      Please do refer the above mentioned books, though what I am able to understand from your post is that you have a difficulty in applying concepts to solve problems rather than understanding the concepts. Please practice and practice more.

      Best Wishes
      Nisharg G

    1. Hi Rahul,
      You can refer University Physics from Pearson Edition or Resnick Halliday Walker to understand the theory. Though these books are very exhaustive in nature and will consume a lot of time, so please keep an eye on that as well. But please do read NCERT as well for your comprehensive IIT JEE preparation.

      Best Wishes
      Nisharg G

  48. I completed my diploma in Electronics and communication engineering.
    and i want to compete in 2015 IIT-JEE examinations which books i should read and one more thing i am 10th passed and doing my 12th from NIOS Which bobks i should read including some reference books and question bank etc

    also please give me some suggestions how to prepare for this 😀

    1. Hi Piyush,

      Please refer to all the books mentioned in the above post. I’ll advice try to join a couple of test series. Test series will help you a lot better than any other question bank.

      Best wishes
      Nisharg G

    1. Hi Monika,
      Sure NCERT theory is sufficient for JEE-Mains but the challenge is that in a single read its very difficult to understand every concept to its core. So, if you are not using any other book to read please read NCERT as many times as you can. You will wonder how small lines gave you much to learn.

      Best wishes
      Nisharg G

  49. Hi Akhilesh,

    Please replace S P Jauhar with P Bahadur and DON’T use R D Sharma. Use A Das Gupta or other material. R D Sharma is too exhaustive and it’s not for JEE, it will help you to give good marks in board though.
    Get back to me if you have any other doubts.

    Best wishes,
    Nisharg G

    1. Hi ..!
      There is many students who are in there craze to be an iitian ….
      But many few know thers true potential …..
      Lyk sachin can never be a good singer and lata as a player…! So ..i was in search of my true potential …so please help me to go through my true potential….
      Now i m in try to crack iit ….by ..
      Hc verma
      Rd shrma
      Nd ….pbahadur ..
      But all these are not by my heart …
      I do aall these by parental force ….
      Please help….

  50. I m in 11th std right now and I want to crack jee with a double digit rank . I have completed algebra chapters from ncert but still I am unable to solve most of the questions from a das gupta objective so this has demotivated me I also have hall and knight and sk goyal for algebra so after ncert I should move on to which book ?
    For physics I have ncert hcverma I.e. irodov resnick halliday ,dc pandey ,university physics do I need to complete all these books for jee advanced and what should be the order in which I should finish these books?

    1. Hi Bhargavi,

      I am glad to hear about your JEE goals. Please go ahead with Hall and Knight. But I will suggest if you are so clear with your goal take the help of some faculty to resolve all the problems you were not able to solve.

      For physics, do H.C.Verma and then you can choose between University Physics or Resnick Halliday Walker. Do any one of them as both are equally good. I will suggest University Physics to a greater extend.

      You have give regular test, that is one paper every month and analyse them thoroughly to achieve your goals.

      Best Wishes
      Nisharg G

    1. Hi Akhilesh,

      I will suggest not to refer any book as of now. Give it some time and discuss it your friends and teachers, even then you find it really difficult then please get back to me I will suggest you the book only for graphs.

      Best Wishes
      Nisharg G

  51. Sir,
    I am repeating class 12 as well as iit bcoz i got 75% in 12 board in2014 .now iam taking coaching so plz suggest me best book for theory as well as practising question separately for each subject for iit main and advance

    1. Hi Raghvesh,

      This is very crucial time for your preparations, please use the above suggested books for practice. Do more and more of practice, as you have already joined a coaching try to cover the theory aspect there itself. As far as JEE Main and Advance are concerned there is no difference in theory of it. The difference will lie how well you are in all the topics as in Advance we expect problems where you have to use 2-3 concepts from different domains together to get the answer.

      Best Wishes
      Nisharg G

  52. Sir
    Iam repeating class 12 as well as iit as i got only 75%in 12 board 2014 now dis is my last chance to crack iit so please suggest me best books for iit jee preparation both for theory as well as practicing questions also suggest a good book for clearing concepts in mathematics

    1. Hi Raghav,

      Please use the above reference books for your preparations. If you have troubles with theory in Mathematics than you can refer M.L.Khanna old edition where you can read the problems with there solutions and try to understand their approach towards it. Still I will consider it as half measure, try to get help from your teachers and clear concepts first.

      Best Wishes
      Nisharg G

    1. Hi Akhilesh,
      Distance learning program will not help you to learn theory a lot but it will surely help you to provide with extra material by which you can practice a lot of problems which are essential part of your preparations. You can go for Bansal Distance Learning Program or Akaash Distance Learning Program. Both are equally good to opt for. Please do not go for FIITJEE or Resonance or any other distance learning program.

      Best wishes
      Nisharg G

  53. Sir I need your suggestions since I’m from state board I have a habit of solving only text book but for Jee my teachers r saying to solve first basic problems then slowly increase your level. This is quit difficult for me but I’m trying to transit my self according to the situation. But that’s stressing me up. I’m a stress free learner and i enjoy studying but trying these pattern of increasing the problem level and referring different book is not helping. Can you give me some suggestions that how i follow these so that i can enjoy learnin as well as i stay stress free. An idea may also do.

    1. Dear Saurav,

      Just select one book and solve it completely. Do not worry about solving other books till the time you have completed each and every chapter from the book you have started. It’s great that you are a stress free learner, be that way and keep your focus on learning new things.

      Best wishes
      Nisharg G

  54. Hello sir!!
    I’m in 11th now and I’m taking coachings for IIT jee .my tutor has reccomended me to refer physics comprehensive ; chemistry comprehensive and maths r d sharma. Do u think I’ll be able to crack jee advance by studying these books??
    If not then what should I do??
    I can’t even argue with my sir about the books he has reccomended us.tell me what to do now. I’m very much determined to crack IIT jee…

    1. Dear Aditi,
      Have you joined a personal tutions or an institute? As per any JEE tutor/expert no one will recommend Comprehensive text books for JEE. Please use them only for your board preparations and select the books mentioned in the post above and start solving them one by one. Comprehensive are good but not written for JEE aspirants.

      Best Wishes
      Nisharg G

    1. Dear Akhilesh,
      To read theory strictly use textbooks or class notes. Do not read it from any other source. Also, to solve problems use the material with which you are comfortable. If I have to choose then I will use FIITJEE, but you have to make the choice. As no material is bad or good. Its about how much you are able to learn from it and how can you improve your skills further.

      Best Wishes
      Nisharg G

  55. Sir,
    I am a student of FIITJEE Kanpur.My performance in the internal phase tests has not been good.
    I am solving OP Tandon for Chem., DC Pandey for Physics & SK Goyal for Maths. and the study material by FIITJEE.
    Are these books enough ??.Please Comment..

    1. Dear Ayush,
      Is your performance going down? Are you getting less percentage of marks with every test? If you have consistent performance in all your test even at 40% of the total marks than don’t worry. Just worry about not going to lower lower marks. Secondly, all the books you are using are good, please continue with them.

      Best Wishes
      Nisharg G

  56. sir,
    i am studing in 11th standard. i would like to know whether ml khanna for mathematics is enough to crack jee and conceptual physical chemistery by prabhat kumar and adarsh kumar.

  57. Dear Dave,

    Both the reference books you are using are good enough. Keep the priority on solving both the books completely. Do all examples and exercise form the same. It will help you a lot. Please let me know if there are any other doubts.

    Best Wishes,
    Nisharg G

  58. 10 Sir,I am currently in class 8 and want to crack iit.In class 8,I have given escape velocity test of fiitjee in which I got a national rank of 81.I have attempted NSEJS this year.I have covered and mastered all the topics of physics,chemistry and maths till class 10.I have covered 4-5 chapters of class 11 physics,3-4 chapters of class 11 and 12 chemistry and 2-3 chapters of maths from class 11.In fiitjee,Igot 100%fee waiver but I have decided to not join fiitjee.I will be starting progression,limits,and trigonometry of class 11 and 12 with next week.Not from NCERT
    but I have covered class 10 topics of PCM from about 5-6 company books and mastered it.I have HC Verma Volume 1 and I am thinking when I will cover 7-8 topics from physics I will start to do HC Verma and I will also buy Resnick Halliday Walker and I.E.Irodov Till the end of the December I will have coverd 7-8 topics from physics,5-6 topics from chemistry and 4-5 chapters from math class 11 and 12 from 1-2 company books including NCERT.I am very good at maths I have masteres arithmetic for NSEJS and in every topic of maths that I study of JEE level I practice about 80-120 questions from 1 books excluding NCERT.I am thinking to take fiitjee correspondance in class 9.I know many books for iit preparation of PCM.Your advice will absolutelyhelp me .TEll me some strategies to do it.

    1. Dear Shivam,

      The only suggestion to you with respect to all the points you have mentioned implies you are a hard working brilliant student; You should try to have a counselling session with me or any other professional who can explicitly guide you.

      Currently, I will suggest try to learn more vedic methods of doing calculations and excel the same. Once you are comfortable with handling large numbers please let me know we can discuss the next steps on the same.

      Best Wishes
      Nisharg G

    1. Dear Manthan,

      You can use Anurag Mishra’s book, its a good book by an Indian author. Also, referring to Resnick Halliday and Walker is not necessary at all. But if you get a chance than do go through it.

      Best Wishes
      Nisharg G

    1. Dear Ananya,
      Spend most of the time with mathematics. Focus on trigonometry and coordinate geometry. You can use M.L.Khanna old edition where the complete solutions are also mentioned. 3 hours a week is more than enough at this stage. Once you are through with these two sections let me know, I’ll suggest you how to take it forward with functions and graphs.

      Best Wishes,
      Nisharg G

  59. I am very much confused between books for chemistry thinking about op tandon ,morrison boyd,solomans fryhle, op aggarwal , himanshu chauhan. Please give best books for each branch of chemistry.

    1. Dear Murali,
      Please do not use any of the mentioned book in your comment. Use NCERT first, once that is done thoroughly please let me know. I’ll help you further on how to proceed.

      Best Wishes,
      Nisharg G

  60. Is there any book like i.e. irodov or adg(subj) for chemistry.
    I want good problem book but relevant to jee not beyond or less.
    And is there alternatives to above books.

  61. Sir,currently I am in 11 standard. This year I have not focused for jee preparation.can I be able to crack jee with 1 year sincere preparation? Sir can u suggest some good books?

    1. Hi Harsh,
      Sure, one year of thorough preparation will help you to get a decent rank in IIT JEE Advanced as well. But you have to be more true with respect to your preparations and how many hours you are putting in every single day. As the count down is begun for you, go through NCERT’s of 12th CBSE first. As your boards are equally important as IIT JEE Advanced, plus the chemistry and physics NCERT are marvellously written.

      Next go ahead with H.C.Verma in physics and chemistry you have to opt for different book in different sections. Organic you can use S.N Sanyal, for inorganic you can use J.D.Lee and for physical chemistry you can use P.Bahadur. For maths you can use arihant publication books as they have improved a lot in this current academic year.

      Let me know if you have other doubts on your preparations.

      Best Wishes,
      Nisharg G

    1. Dear Jubed,

      Please refer to the books mentioned above, they are complete to guide you to achieve top 100 rank in JEE Advanced. Let me know if there are specific doubts/questions you have about how to use these books or plan your preparations.

      Best Wishes
      Nisharg G

  62. Respected Sir



    1. Dear Gursimar,
      First please evaluate how good are you in Chemical Equilibrium. If you think, you have understood every concept in it then you can refer Physical Chemistry by Atkins for Ionic Equilibrium. Also, while using Atkins please do not deviate a lot in the thermodynamics and kinetics involve with ionic equilibrium. As Atkins is generally used by tutors or undergraduate students to understand the complete chemistry of a reaction. Therefore, please try to read it but don’t deviate from your goal.

      For thermodynamics you have two choices either read thermodynamics in physics first and then move to chemistry or use Atkins/ J.D.Lee for thermodynamics. Again the concern with these book is do not go in extra depth then required until and unless you have extra time.

      Extra depth of concepts in such topics is important but time is always a constrain for each student. So make the right choice. If you think I should tell you exact pages to read do reply, I’ll help you with it as well.

      Best Wishes,
      Nisharg G

  63. Sir, I am in class 11th. I have universal for maths and physics along with NCERT textbooks. Please give me suggestions about which books to buy for chemistry. Also, are the books I mentioned above, sufficient to crack JEE Mains?

    1. Dear Nikhil,
      As I have suggested in the post, you can refer to any book for physics, maths or chemistry from them. Though you can take Universal also for chemistry. In last 3 years Universal publication has improved there book and the latest edition has a very few mistakes with respect to solutions/answers.
      More than the book current JEE pattern requires clarity of each concept and sufficient practice. So whichever book you choose be through with it. Do not leave even a single chapter from it.

      Best Wishes,
      Nisharg G

  64. I have universal self scorer and ncert textbooks for all the three subjects. Is it sufficient to crack jee mains, should I buy any other books too ??

    1. Dear Nikhil,
      No book is sufficient for JEE due to its vast syllabus and infinite possible application of each concept. So, don’t worry much about with books. Read NCERT thoroughly at least twice and then use Universal for practice. If you can’t solve even a single problem take it seriously and re-do it after going through the relevant concept.
      Regularity and practice are the two pillars to crack IIT JEE Mains as well as JEE Advanced.

      Best Wishes,
      Nisharg G

  65. sir i am a student of class 11 and i am in a extreme need of a chemistry book which contains theoretical illustrations as well as numerical kindly suggest me a book for iit advance thank you

    1. Dear Nikita,
      For JEE Advanced you should go through NCERT as many times as you can. Cover all the points to remember and Key points in the boxes. JEE Advanced paper will be more focused on NCERT. In the past we have seen full comprehensions/passage problems are directly from NCERT.
      Except that I will suggest currently, revise your notes. Go through all the formulae and special cases, like molar conductance & specific conductance. If you are trying to find a book for any specific chapter please let me know. I can give you better suggestions then.

      Best Wishes
      Nisharg G

  66. hello sir,
    I am Isha, a student of class 10 and am going to move to class11 in april. initially I wasn’t very clear about taking up engineering, but now I am and aim to clear the IIT-JEE exam with a very good rank. i would be greatly obliged if you could advise me as to how should i start studying for clearing the exam, what should be my timetable, my strategy, etc. and how to balance class11-12 studies with iit preparation. also, I have joined vidyamandir classes, but my performance over there is not very impressive, even though i am a school topper. what should i do so that i can top both in my school and coaching classes? please do reply at the earliest; thanking you…

    PS-I read all ur posts, and found them to be amazing… i hope i will get the same quality of reply… :)

    1. Dear Isha,
      I’m glad to hear you are finally determined to get a good rank in JEE and pursue engineering as your career, though do remember the road ahead is not easy. As you have mentioned you have joined VMC but still not so satisfied with it, then try other option like Online tutoring. As you have just started it will not disturb your momentum of preparations.
      Secondly, just be regular and read as much as you can in all three subjects. Prepare neat and organised notes as you will be needing the same for next couple of years! And you will be amazed to know sometimes I still need them almost after 9 years from when I made them. Read NCERT first and choose any book mentioned from the list above to practice. Do not waste time, currently the number of chapter you might have done must be one or two so you can spend some time learning graphs. Get Play with Graphs of Arihant publications.
      Also, visit the blog regularly to get more tips and tricks.

      Best Wishes,
      Nisharg G

  67. Sir, I am a NTSE state topper and I missed NSEP by 2.1% in class 10. I will go to 11th this year. I have already finished HCV and 11th RD Sharma and Many other books of 11th and 12th with basics. So, keeping my level in mind are these books sufficient to get top 50 or top10 rank in Advance
    Resnick halliday Krane
    SL Loney Both books
    Hall and Knight
    IA Maron
    JD Lee
    I will also use my Coaching Material and Arihant Popular books like DCP .
    Also with a thorough study of these books can I go to the IPhO.
    I have been to HBCSE for two OcSCs in2014. Sir, I will study with full dedication Also advice if I can cover my course in time.
    Thank You in Advance

    1. Dear VK,
      I’m really astonished that you have moved so swiftly with the course. You are a very bright student therefore, do not stop with the books mentioned in the list. Go beyond them – there are many good authors in physics, mathematics and chemistry who discuss a simple concept of rotational motion in most sophisticated phenomenons. Keep your the doors for knowledge open. Dedicate fixed number of hours every day for such learning and during the rest keep going with regular books, as getting a top 10 rank in JEE is also crucial to avail the doors of infinite opportunity in life.
      Be in touch.
      Best Wishes,
      Nisharg G

      1. Thank you sir. May you please mention the other books you said about and what did you mean about the rotational motion. Thank you in advance.

  68. sir,
    I have just entered class 11 and i m keen to prepare for iit…i haven’t joined any coaching centre yet…i want to knw which book will help me keep par with my class 11 syllabus as well as my jee preparation …plz suggest books which can help by just self studying.Thanks in advance.

    1. Dear Lakshita,

      Please use the books mentioned in the post
      These will help you to start with your preparations. Also you can join Spanedea for doubt clearing course where you can only discuss the topics and problems where you have doubt. It will help you to have a guidance while doing self study.

      If the mentioned books are not available near your place, please let me know I will suggest alternative books for the same then.

      Best wishes,
      Nisharg G

    1. Dear Rachit,
      If you want to go through a single book for theory, questions, CBSE boards and JEE prep as well then you only have to focus on NCERT textbooks. But it’s a suggestion to use various books for various purpose.

      If you have any specific doubt please let me know
      Best wishes
      Nisharg G

    1. Dear Abhishek,

      Focus on 12th class syllabus as of now, as it’s almost 60% of your total marks in JEE Mains. Also, spend 2 days every week to do one topic from 11th class portion. Take the highest weight-age chapters first. A sincere effort will still help you to get a decent score in JEE Mains.

      Best Wishes
      Nisharg G

  69. I just passed m.p exam and now i am in class11 in my village there are no any jee coaching centre.i have buy arihant prepguide 2015 book .is the book is perfect for self study to crack AIEEE

    1. Dear Avijit,
      There is no single book which is perfect for IIT JEE. But surely, Arihant publication has improved it’s content in the last 10 years and therefore you can go thoroughly with it’s books. It will surely help you to get a good score in JEE Mains.

      Best wishes,
      Nisharg G

  70. I need a book for mathematics which would explain me every concept’s theory in detail. It should have some solved examples and then exercises covering all types of questions. But the theory part is very important for me. I’ve got ML Khanna and A das gupta objective… And I don’t find the theory to be sufficient… So please suggest me a good book. For instance I am having great difficulty in understanding modulus inequalities… So plz suggest an apt. Book which would give me the theory

    1. Dear Tejas,
      You can refer to Arihant publication books. They surely have more theory than M.L.Khanna. But my suggestion is to get the guidance of a personal tutor when it comes to theory. It will be more efficient and faster approach, as time is an essence for JEE preparations.

      Best wishes,
      Nisharg G

  71. Hello sir,
    I am a dropper and jee 2016 aspirant. I aspire to secure under top 100 rank in JEE advanced 2016. I use to study and make notes regularly from the videos delivered upon the subject matter in physics and maths by some of the top 100 jee rankers of 2009 provided by a correspondence course. Those are a lot useful explaining many misconceptions concepts tips and tricks.But I am not at all confident about the modules. Yes they may help to JUST crack IIT. The coaching study materials are limited in number of questions and I think they will not meet the required practise to get into top 100 rank— So I am thinking of practising ONLY good books for JEE. And yes I am going to join a local coaching too from june… Bt as said I am not sure about modules. So I prefer to use the right books. And yes I am already studying NCERT. I will not neglect them.

    If I ask you specifically is ML khanna IIT Mathematics for maths and Concepts of physics Hc Verma + understanding physics by DC pandey sufficient to hit my target in case I cover them thoroughly? And If not, plz suggest me the right books to achive my target ?

  72. Dear Pritam,
    Your choice for physics and mathematics are sufficient. What have you planned for chemistry? Also, self study is really good. But still you will need a tutor to solve your doubts at least once a week. Therefore, make such kinds of arrangements.

    Also, you will need regular quality check on how are you doing and will you be able to finish the syllabus on time. JEE is quite vast and it’s very difficult to understand at what point you will go wrong if you are only doing self study.

    If possible read Resnick Halliday and Walker for physics. It will give you lot of insights for the thought process. Do not solve its problems as the units used in the problems are in the British measurement system.

    Best wishes,
    Nisharg G

  73. Thank you sir.

    For chemistry I will go with NCERT and coaching notes for study. And I didnt found the theory portion of physical chemistry NCERT nice. For this I will be refering module theory and coaching notes. But I intend to start chemistry with coaching classes. Coaching is going to start in 3rd week of june. Before that, as my concepts of maths and physics are weak I plan to finish all the video lectures of maths chapters and NCERT physics of both 11 and 12 therby strenghtening my basics so that I can take the speed of coaching when started and can solve advance problems with them, as since it will be a dropper batch, they will not give stress on basics I guess. And moreover it will be benificial to me to have a strong foundation and a pre knowledge of every chapter before it is taught in class.

    Sir, I have a query more— In this two years I never solved a single question of NCERT Physics. I dont know whther if it is OK to start with the problems of HC Verma directly after reading the theory of NCERT or I should solve NCERT excercise first before atempting HCV ? Am asking so because the excercises of HC verma are also starting with questions of very basic level and then slowly the level of question goes on increasing, and on the other hand the NCERT excercise are good for true and also start with basics but overall the level of questions is not up to jee advanced level.. I have to go to HCV for sure.. So I thought that would it be nice if I start solving exercises of HCV after reading the NCERT theory itself ?

    1. Dear Pritam,
      Reading from notes for chemistry is good enough. But I am not about the video lectures, how beneficial they are and how good they are. So that you have to check your comfort level.
      You should not ideally skip NCERT for PCM, even when they are quite generic and on the basics. As while preparing for JEE most of the times students try to achieve the depth and later start doing mistakes on their basics, which later they put forward as silly mistakes. So avoid that. Though you can do NCERT at any point of time. There is no hard and fast rule for the same.
      Best wishes,
      Nisharg G

  74. Hello sir,
    Thank you for precious consult. For chemistry, I have decided to follow NCERT and coaching notes for theory. For advance problem I will go with modules and OP tandon series. And yes I am joining a coaching which will start from JUne 3rd week.
    At present I am trying to complete all mathematics video lectures, finish reading NCERT Physics theory and start with Algebra of ML khanna.
    Sir can I attempt HCV excercise questions after reading the chapters of NCERT (Theory only) as in HC Verma also excercises do start from a very basic level only or solving NCERT excercises first is necessary?

  75. Thank you sir,
    Now I am clear on what I should do. Sir, dont get annoyed but I want to repeat a question of mine which you have answered already… Yes, some general IIT Preparation articles do give a common line ” For best concepts you can buy IIT Mathematics by ML Khanna” but I have read interview of a couple of IIT Top 100 rankers and none of them take the name of ML Khanna.
    2013 AIR 33 Aman Goel tells to this extent in his blog on iit preparation tips that, ” I have seen ML Khanna, don’t go for that book, that is just an useless book”– As an answer to someone on how is ML Khanna on his blog comments . And I have that one.
    He and all other JEE to rankers (like amrose birani air 3 2007) take name of separate arihant books for separate sections of maths such as => For calculus–Differential calculus by amit m aggarwal, and Integral calculus by amit m aggarwal, for coordinate –coordinate geometry by sk goyal, for algebra— Hall and knight or Algebra by sk goyal and so an so on……..
    I dont know whether it is his personal view or actually ML Khanna is not good for securing such two digit rank in JEE… My belief on ML khanna lessened because no top ranker did suggested it.. Rather they say dont use a single book for every topic, use that which covers that topic the best…
    Again it is also the fact that you will get benifited from the book only when you read it…..Bt important is to select the r8 book. That is why I am asking you this question once again emphasizing on “” IWANT TO GET A 2 DIGIT RANK IN JEE””.If I not utilise the book properly- not absord it thoroghly – of course I will not be able to score well and be among top 100 rankers –that is my problem. BT IF I STUDY THE ML Khanna BOOK THOROUGHLY WILL IT TAKE CARE OF MATHS PART FULLY TO MAKE ME LAND AMONG TOP 100 JEE RANKERS? IS IT THE RIGHT BOOK TO MEET MY EXPECTATION— AMONG TOP 100 JEE RANKERS? PLEASE BE SPECIFIC…


    1. Dear Pritam,
      More than the books it your approach towards the book. If M.L.Khanna or other 5-6 books would have been the only way to get top rank in JEE Advanced many would have bought it and would have done each question from those books atleast 3 times.
      Each book is written by an author who has at least 5-7 years of experience. All books have similar concepts, but a different way of narration of each concept. You have find the right tune for you. If you believe that Arihant publication books are easy to understand by you, then go ahead with them. If you believe any other publication like PBS, Tata mcgrawhill etc are the ones you are comfortable with then select them. M.L.Khanna is most recommended by tutors and Arihant books are more easily available. So my suggestion is just make a choice and stick to it. Finish the book completely to move to next one.

      Best wishes
      Nisharg G

  76. Dear Nisharg golash,

    My son Arth now std x. his maths poor. i want him prepration for IIT JEE exam. This time he join BOTHARA classes. Which books you suggest best for him ?

    1. Dear Mr.Rajendra,
      Athrva can start with Trigonometry from S.L Loney. He can also use M.L.Khanna to start with coordinate geometry and quadratic equations.
      Please use the older versions for both the books, as he has a lot of time to improve his skills in maths.

      Best wishes,
      Nisharg G

  77. Hello Sir,
    With warm regards and due respect I would like to mention that it gives me immense pleasure to ask you for some inevitable and wonderful suggestions. From past five years i am having a dream and goal to crack IIT with good rank. Right now, I am in 11th standard.
    I am gonna start my IIT preparation from June. Actually I was done with the scholarship exam of Allen institute of kota and many more but one terrible accident happened with me in March, the injuries are not cured completely yet, they are gonna take some serious elbow grease to recover and due to them i wont be able to join any institute as of now.
    But i have to crack IIT at any cost. Kindly suggest me some books of physics. I am not quick at grasping the portion of KINEMATICS, please suggest me the best book to start my preparation.
    I will be highly thankful to you for this great favor.

    1. Dear Radhika,
      I really appreciate the passion you have to work hard and achieve your goal, keep the same spirit throughout the wonderful journey of JEE preparation. Coming to the physics book, you can either use Resnick Halliday Walker or University physics. Both are wonderful books written phenomenally by authors. If you still want me to pick one I will pick University physics Pearson edition. Even now when I sit and read it, I re-learn and have a new outlook to concepts I have learnt 8 years back.
      All the best.
      Best Wishes,
      Nisharg G

  78. Sir for about two months i wont be able to join school. I will manage to do 100% dedicated self study. So, suggest me those books which will help me out to master the concepts of physics in accordance with the same.

  79. Heloo.
    I m a student of class XI and I want to prepare thoroughly for boards as well as for JEE (MAINS and ADVANCE).
    I m using these books :
    Please do reply.

    1. Dear Ayush,
      The books you are using are good enough for IIT JEE preparation and as well as for your board exams. Just have a review on your preparation strategy, set a time line for all chapters and try to follow the same.

      Best Wishes
      Nisharg G

  80. sir,my basic is a bit strong and i do not need explanation in all small things… please suggest me best book for trigonometery,calculus,co-ordinate geometery,light and sound

  81. Sir I want to know which book should be used for chemistry preparation… Am really confused… Is there is any book for chemistery having all chapters and concepts related to iit jee…

  82. Hello sir,
    I m a student of class XI and I want to prepare thoroughly for boards as well as for JEE (MAINS and ADVANCE).
    I m using these books :
    Maths : RD Dharma
    Chemistry : RC MukhergeeMukhergee and Ncert
    Physics : HCV

    Please suggest me (practice) books for best result JEE(MAINS and ADVANCE).

  83. Hello Sir,
    I am student of class 12th. sir please suggest me how I am preparing our both exam(class 12th & jee main).
    Sir I request you please help me.
    Thank you Sir.

  84. I’m going to appear for jee mains2017 so which books should I consult. Also I’ m appearing for board exam and I have minimum 9days for preparation of jee mains after exam. So can you suggest me a way for better prepration of jee mains.

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